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Juan Roget. Inventor of the telescope

It is said that the spanish general from Genova, Ambrosio Spinola told Nassau "From now and on I'll never be safe because you, Nassau, you can see me from afar". Espinola didn´t know that the inventor of the telescope was Spanish. Lippershey, a german inventor and lens maker, had appeared before Nassau to present the invention in 1608, shortly after would try to patent two other Dutch.

Hans Lippershey, 1655 (Wikipedia)

Joan Roget was a lens maker from Gerona that may have been the inventor of the telescope in 1590 according to recent research of Nick Pelling, whose work has been published in the journal Hystory Today. In his study it shows how these Dutch could have stealed the invention. The same son of Janssen counts as his father copied the design of a purchased artifact dated to 1590. According to his hypothesis, an unknown bought  in at auction in Barcelona in 1608 a "telescope to look far awway" (ullera de launa per mirar de lluny), placing direction then to Frankfurt. Janssen buy it and try to negotiate with optical, spreading the secrecy and making others try to patent it as he did. A bizarre story and full of lies and betrayals.

Two Dutch tried to patent the inventionFrederic Maignet in the course of a few weeks Zacharias Janssen and Jacob Metius. Although generally the discovery Hans is attributed to Lippershey.

According to studies in a Spanish testament of 1593 it referred to a long brass monocle 15 years before the first patent in the Netherlands, a country at war with the Habsburgs who reigned in Spain.

Galileo´s telescope demonstration

Apparently, an Italian optical (Girolamo Sirtori), a pupil of Galileo, recounted in his book Telescopium siue ars perficiendi novum illud Gelilae oisorum instrumentum ad sydera (Frankfurt, 1618) the meeting of a showman Roget of Burgundy, who showed him the armor of a telescope developed for many years and formulas for the assembly, which was recorded in a book. In a thesis published in 1958, the Spanish optical Jose Maria Simon of Guilleuma registered files that demonstrated existence of telescopes in Spain preceding patents registered in the Netherlands. The testament found, dated in 1593 notices a bronze telescope. Furthermore he focus the atention to the three people tried to register the patent in Netherlands in 1608 in a short period. In the book (1609) Italian Sirtori described the true inventor Joan Roget

Several authors in Spain have collected the story of Juan Roget or refer him as like Julian Juderías in his book The Black Legend (1917) or Menendez Pelayo´s La ciencia española (Spanish Science), as well as other authors as Robert Collin and  Frederic Maignet.

It can be seen in the English version of Wikipedia on the telescope doesn´t mention the invention of Juan Roget after the evidence found:

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