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Julio Cervera. Inventor of radio 11 years before Marconi

Sincé 1894 Marconi had worked in wireless telegraphy in Italy and England, and had managed to send telegraph messages over long distances by sea. It was in this context of great inventions of the late nineteenth and early twentieth  centuries, in which a soldier of the spanish school of land engineers did a great invention.

Julio Cervera Baviera was interested in the new discoveries of Marconi and requested a permit to the Ministry of War to travel to England and remain in London few months. After returning to Spain began to publish more than twenty patents among which figured the first modern radio. It can be said therefore that the radio was not invented by Marconi as is commonly thought. Marconi was the father of wireless telegraphy but not the radio, able to send voice or sound over long distances.

When Marconi created his radio in 1913, Cervera had done it 11 years before him. Cervera even improved the Marconi´s system to send morse doubling the speed of 20-40 words per minute. In fact, he created the second line of telegraph messages in the world in Spain between Tarifa and Ceuta. The army was using this system after being applied in Britain. After that he made the first transmission line radio signals in Spain and the world, between the towns of Javea and Ibiza. This patent was registered in 4 countries. In 1899 Cervera presented the patent of remote control equipment and systems, the remote control with multiple military and civilian applications. Marconi investigated this matter later.

The good contacts of Marconi, the decadence and lack of funding in Spain in the early twentieth century and little interest in the subject had made ​​disappearing  his figure from history, even the date of his death is known. While Marconi received the Nobel Prize in physics with its innumerable contacts in countries like England, Cervera was forgotten.

Three unpublished patents attribute the invention of radio to Julio Cervera.
The professor at the University of Navarra Ángel Faus found in England and Germany licenses:

A biographical documentary on the life of this inventor has recently issued in spanish TV:

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